Walker Boys Unity Course, Lab 1 – Point and Click

I’ve just finished my first lab assignment for the Walker Boys’ Unity course.

Play the game

Name: Thomas de Goede, aka Lord Herman.

Timeframe: Monday Feb 6 to Tuesday Feb 7.

Project Detail: A simple game where the player has to click shapes that appear on the screen to accrue points. To win, the player must get enough points before the time runs out.

Software Used: Unity v3 as IDE, Notepad++ as script editor, FileZilla for uploading the final product.

Final Thoughts: Although the game itself is very simple, I think I’ve learned quite a bit about using the Unity API and structuring the scripts for my project. I think I did a few things in a rather roundabout way that I could do more efficiently once I get more familiar with the API.

Time Breakdown:

Research– 2h for watching the lab videos. Add about an hour for figuring out some of the API functions during coding.

Design – 1/2h. Most of the design of the project was already set up in the lab videos, so all I had to do was figure out how to do the On Your Own objectives.

Build6h. Most of the coding was done quite quickly, but I spent a lot of time getting the moving cubes and spheres to work correctly.

Play Testing – 1/2h. There wasn’t really all that much to test. Once I get to more complex projects, I’ll need to remember to spend more time on this, though.

Additional Notes:

The popping sound I used for the disappearing blocks was made by Herbert Boland and used under the Attribution Licence.

I wasn’t sure how the moving square was supposed to move across the screen, so I made two. One moves about in a random pattern, while the other flies straight across the screen in a random direction.

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